omg i have just remembered i took this pic on my phone at 5am this morning because i’d woken up and thought someone was looking out to sea from my bedroom. 

how weeeeird. i just remember waking up and being like “what a nice view, the sunset looks really nice”

it’s just the street lights and my buffy cutout

i’ve just been reading that blog that joseph e duncan wrote about his life as a sex offender (before ultimately beig convincted as a serial killer) and it’s intense and scary but so interesting


No one deserves to go to a football match and never come home.
Remembering the 96 men, women and children who went to Hillsborough 25 years ago today, their families and the thousands affected by what happened at that game. Justice is coming. Tick Tock.

god i need a sugar daddy. my laptops broken, i have a holiday and a festival coming up, i want weed and wine and man i just want some new clothes.

feel free to contact me if you like providing